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“Providing caring and compassionate services to those in need”

Little Me Day Nurseries is supporting and working with
MCKS Charitable Food Pantry in Basingstoke.

The pantry provides affordable food, clothing and other supplies to low income or vulnerable families and provides free sanitary supplies, toiletries and food to secondary schools across the UK.

difference between a food pantry and food bank

In our food pantry in Basingstoke, members can join without having to be referred and they can remain members for as long as they like, many food banks limit clients to 2-3 visits. The pantry does not insist that members regard help as a temporary solution.

People in need of help can either be referred with a voucher from an education or healthcare professional which would entitle the person to a 3-day food parcel, or if they need ongoing support they can join the pantry for £3.50 a week which will entitle them to approx. £20 worth of food.

what the pantry offers

  • Hot drinks and light snacks in the kitchen
  • Affordable grocery items for pantry members
  • Clothing and sleeping bags
  • Complimentary Pranic healing & meditations for adults & children
  • Baby essentials for new mums

Food Pantry Cupboards in Secondary Schools
Support this ambitious project and donate generously.  Can your business or employer provide further donations? Please contact us.

little me day nurseries

how to help


Please note the pantry can only accept deliveries on Mondays between 10am-2pm:
MCKS Food Pantry, 40-03-27, 02373114

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Items Needed

Razors and shaving gel
Sanitary pads
Shampoo & Conditioner
Toothpaste & Toothbrushes
Nappies & Wipes
Nappy rash cream
Baby food jars
Tinned Food
Cereal bars/Biscuits/Crisps/
Dry foods such as pasta/rice/flour/quinoa/noodles
Washing up liquid
Scourers & Cleaning Cloths
Anti-bac sprays
Toilets Cleaners

If you are able to volunteer to help us please email:


MCKS Charitable Food Pantry, Unit 3 Crown Heights, Alencon Link, Basingstoke RG21 7SY