Little Me Day Nurseries Ltd

terms & conditions

The terms and conditions below reflect the custom and practise of Little Me Day Nurseries. The terms are designed to encourage stability, consistency & good working practises within the nursery.


To register your child a non-refundable fee is required for each child, together with a signed application form.

Fees and Invoices

Nursery fees are payable on the 1st of each month in advance for that month. Fees are payable during any periods of absence from the nursery including sickness. We do not charge for bank holidays. Any late payments received after the 5th of each month will incur a £5.00 daily charge. The nursery reserves the right to suspend your child’s place if fees are not paid on time.

Termination / Change

We require one months notice, in writing, should you wish to terminate a nursery place for any reason. Parents still remain liable for fees throughout the notice period. We reserve the right to terminate a nursery place with immediate effect if any fees are not paid by the due date, or if a parent, carer or child displays abusive, threatening or otherwise inappropriate behaviour. Parents will be liable for any costs incurred for collection of late fees. If the parent for any reason postpones a start date, we reserve the right to charge from the original start date stated on the application form. If a parent wishes to change the number of sessions taken at nursery, one months’ notice, in writing, must be given and a ‘Change of Sessions’ form must be completed and handed in at nursery.

Opening Times & Sessions

Please ensure your child is collected promptly at the end of each session to avoid late collection charges. We are closed the week between Christmas and New Year and for bank holidays and public holidays throughout the year. We close on Christmas Eve at 2pm.

Accidents & Incidents

We reserve the right to administer basic first aid and treatment when necessary. Parents will be informed of all accidents and will be required to sign an accident form. For accidents of a more serious nature, involving hospital treatment, all attempts will be made by the nursery to contact the parents but failing this, we are hereby authorised to act on behalf of parents and authorise necessary treatment.

Medicines & Illness

We will administer prescribed medicines if parents complete a ‘Medicine Consent’ form. We accept no responsibility for children contracting contagious diseases/infections. If your child is suffering from a contagious illness you should not bring them to nursery until the illness has passed. Parents are requested to inform the nursery if their child is suffering from any illness, sickness or allergies before attending nursery. We have a realistic attitude to the needs of working parents but we reserve the right to contact parents if a child becomes ill during nursery hours.


Under no circumstances will a child be allowed to leave the nursery with anyone other than the guardians unless permissions are in place. We operate a password system for collection of children and in addition photographic ID may be required. A list of responsible adults who are authorised to collect your child will be requested in the Care Plan.

Allergies & Dietary Requirements

Parents are requested to inform the nursery of any food, medicine, activity or any other circumstances that may cause the child to have an allergic reaction. Parents must provide details, in writing, of the severity of the reaction/allergy and must continue to inform the nursery of any changes/progress to the condition, in writing, when they become aware.


If any of our staff are employed by parents within 6 months of leaving the company then the parent/guardian shall be liable to pay a sum equivalent to 6 months salary for that employee to Little Me Day Nurseries. If you require staff for casual baby-sitting out of nursery hours then please advise the nursery office that this has been arranged.

Force Majeure

Little Me Day Nurseries will not be responsible or liable to the parent or child in respect of any temporary interruption or temporary failure of or delay in providing day care nursery provision. If such failure or delay is caused by the temporary unavailability of staff, building or maintenance work to the Day Care Nursery, fire, abnormal weather conditions, Government action or regulations or by some other cause beyond the reasonable control of the nursery no recompense will be paid.

Small print:

Our Terms and Conditions together with our Policies & Procedures Document represent the entire agreement and understanding between the parents and the nursery. Any other understandings, agreements, warranties, conditions, terms or representations, whether verbal or written, expressed or implied are excluded to the fullest extent, permitted by law. We reserve the right to update/amend these Terms and Conditions at anytime.

Things to know…

  • There is some important advice in the Parents Handbook regarding Sickness & Medication which must be followed
  • We recommend practical inexpensive clothing for nursery and we will not take responsibility for loss or damage to belongings
  • We may take photographs of your child within the nursery setting, which may be used for social media purposes
  • Your child may be taken on outings off the nursery premises
  • The nursery has a responsibility to contact the local Safeguarding Authority should they have a concern that a child in their care may be the subject of neglect, ill treatment or abuse. This may be done with/without informing the parent or guardian, where it is in the best interests of the child to do so
  • We would like to remind parents that we operate in residential areas and out of respect for our neighbours to be considerate of noise and parking when collecting/dropping off children