Dougie’s Diary Collection


Hello I’m Dougie

Learn more about Dougie, his friends, family and favourite things in life
Great for: introduction to Dougie, understanding likes and interests

Daisy Comes Home

Share Dougie’s experience as his sister is born and comes home
Great for: opening discussions about a new sibling on the way 

Dougie Starts Pre-School

Share Dougie’s experience and emotions on his first day at Pre-School
Great for: discussing emotions and how to overcome them

Thank You Day

Dougie learns it is important to say thank you to people around us who help us everyday
Great for: encouraging manners, how we treat people 

We Are All Special

Understanding that we are all different yet all equal and special
Great for: opening discussions around equality and diversity



Read and enjoy Dougie’s everyday experiences through his diary, learn about his family, friends and his favourite things in life. The books introduce topics such as manners, first experiences, equality and diversity and are written in a way to encourage children to engage in conversations about their own experiences and emotions.  The books open discussions about how we treat each other and general messages of kindness through our thoughts our words and our actions.  With 3D illustrations, interactive questions and searches throughout to keep children’s attention.

“Literacy in early years is about engaging children through pictures in books and developing their language skills by encouraging them to re-tell the story using their own words.  Children are able to relate to the characters in the books and their own emotions and experiences thereby supporting their emotional and well-being by talking about these topics.’

Mandy Khaira